Brazilian Day San Diego, the birth of a dream. The dream of feeling home, even though you are very far from there.

From the very beginning we were just some people celebrating the American Independence, in the most Brazilian way possible, but, as the time went by, we decided to bring this cenary to our own Independence party, some kind of street Carnival, where anyone could get in. That’s why the event is for free with attractions for the whole family and all ages.

That’s how the Brazilian Day San Diego were born, overcame public expectations on it’s first edition and keeps on growing as the years go by. I’m proud to say that this is the day when “every tribe” unite! Brazilians from different social classes, Americans and people from other countries get together to celebrate Brazil.

As it is such a success in San Diego, we’ve decided to create the project in Las Vegas and make bigger the distribution of Brazilian culture at the American West Coast and even make true the dream of making an event on Earth with the most spectacular gigs of the whole world.

I now invite you to come and experience this fantastic moment.




Created in 1999, the BIAC is a nonprofit organization that has two central components: Capoeira Mandinga, capoeira academy and arts, and design Brazilian Day, a street event started in 2008 presenting the culture and vibrant Brazilian arts. BIAC projects and programs are made possible by government grants and private companies, donations, sponsors and the labor of hundreds of volunteers every year.